Happy tickets benchmark

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Some countries have integer numbers printed on the transport tickets, for example, in ex-USSR. The ticket is "happy" when the sum of the first half of digits equals to the second one. Then you should eat it and make a wish.


123456 and 111222 are not happy tickets
123123 …

Interface implementations and multiple inheritance in C++

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Multiple inheritance of interfaces which are pure abstract classes indeed is not a problem until you need to use the interface implementation in other classes.

Suppose there are two interfaces, the implementation of which will be used in other classes.

class IA
    virtual void m1() = 0;

class IB : public …

Crack C# namespaces in 30 seconds

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The namespaces conception in C# seems to be exhaustive and insufficient at the same time compared with a strong module notation in Oberon-2 and even with a modular programming approaches in Free Pascal/Delphi.

Why insufficient? You cannot declare constants and functions within namespaces but you should add a class …

DateTime in C++

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Many years ago we had a need to manipulate the data of types "date" and "time" (DateTime in C# and Delphi/C++Builder). I had developed the corresponding class for these purposes.

Here is the interface with comments:

 * Initializes the object with the values taken from the formatted string like …