Classic backgroud color in Windows 10

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How to set classic background color in Windows 10?

  • Right click on desktop and select "Personalize" menu
  • Set "Background" option to "Solid color"
  • Click on "+ custom color" button
  • Click on "More"
  • Check that "RGB" is set
  • Enter "#336EA5" and click "Done" button

That's all.

C++Builder: using variant type variable to store Delphi interface

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Delphi case

Delphi supports interfaces natively. Any variable of variant type can store an interface like any allowed data types.

program IntfDelphi;

{$R *.res}

  Classes, SysUtils, Variants;

  ITest = interface(IInterface)
    procedure Foo(const Msg: string);

  TestImpl = class(TInterfacedObject, ITest)
    procedure Foo(const Msg …

Create live USB stick on Debian

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Debian distribution doesn't have USB startup disk creator software. However, you can make live USB stick based on Live-DVD ISO from command line.

sudo dd bs=4M if=///.iso of=/dev/sdX && sync

where sdX is the USB device name. Don't use trailing digits like sdb1.


sudo dd bs …

How Model Driven kicks off Agile

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The text below is not mine but I completely agree with author, after many years in software engineering using models to generate programs, components and codes. See also Geniel Lamp tool and my presentation "[MDA/MDD approach - Relation to the software development life-cycle](".

The …

Using Delphi library with C++ Builder

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Since early XE versions C++ Builder supports Delphi units directly added in C++ project and compiles them as well as C/C++ source. However, this approach has several drawbacks:

  • Usually, Delphi files are stored in separated folders of other applications and packages. So your C++ project will point to many …

Happy tickets benchmark

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Some countries have integer numbers printed on the transport tickets, for example, in ex-USSR. The ticket is "happy" when the sum of the first half of digits equals to the second one. Then you should eat it and make a wish.


123456 and 111222 are not happy tickets
123123 …