New book "Programming with databases"

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"Programming with databases" (both printed version and Kindle e-book) is the translated and revised Second Edition of my previous book published in 2015.

This book covers various stages of software development and practical cases of the programming with database management systems. You find different recommendations on the choices of the design (architecture) and the programming of enterprise-level information systems. Many examples are for different data models and databases like Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Firebird, XML/JSON, and NoSQL.

Recommended for

  • Students
  • Junior programmers
  • Developers who are new to databases
  • Other IT professionals interested in database applications development

PDF version

If you need the PDF e-book version instead of Kindle, please order it directly on PayPal by sending 10€ to my account The PDF will be sent to your e-mail in 24-48 hours.

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