Requirement levels, documents, tests, responsible

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Table based on Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK).

Level Requirement type Requirement sources Documents Approx number of requirements Testing type Responsible
Black box Enterprize, markets Business needs Enterprize management, market analysts Business case, stakeholder requests 5 Trial production run, market access Project manager
Customer Business requirements, product features Customer, domain experts, regulators Scope view, vision 25 Operational testing, demos Business analyst, product owner
User User needs Users Software requirements specification: use case, informal stories 100 Acceptance tests System analyst
White box System System requirements Standards, architectural patterns Software architecture document: layers, packages, interfaces 150 System tests System architect
Subsystem (component) Subsystem requirements Design patterns Design model: components, classes, interfaces, database models 1000 Integration tests Software engineer/architect
Module (unit) Module requirements Coding conventions, algorithms Module specifications: classes, methods, signatures 2000 Unit test Software engineer